NonStress, Inc.

As of Summer 2017

About our vision

We help you to feel happier and to solve your stress through our services in "Nail Quick" & "SPANAIL". Our key missions are to provide "Quality & Hospitality" services.

About our corporate profile

We are the largest nail salons nationwide in Tokyo Area, and have now 71 nail salons and one salon in New York.

Corporate Name: NonStress, Inc.
Address: 6th Floor Hagiwara #1, 1-3-1, Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0012 Japan
Telephone: 81-3-5447-5583
Fax: 81-3-5447-5584

1- Nail & Beauty Unit ( )
2- Cosmetics Units produced Nail Parfait Gel and imported Organic and Natural cosmetics.
Employees: 360 staff
Capital: 196.83 million Yen
Starting Date: Jan. 25, 1996

About our history

Was founded in 1996, and opened the first Nail Quick salon in June 1996 in the most trendy place, in the middle of Tokyo, Aoyama. Every year added the new salons and started supporting 2 Nail Quick franchises in Japan and we started our first overseas salon located in SOHO, NY in April, 2013. The salon name is SPANAIL and its address is 120 Sullivan Street.

Why Nail Quick started and what we can give.

About 23 years ago, it took more than 1 hour for me to put nail polish. One day I came across the nail salon which had high barrier to enter. Even so, I felt very happy after the nail care. Later I visited New York and found a lot of Nails signs in the streets. I thought it might be great for Japanese women to have such nail salons. That is why I opened the first salon in 1996.

Since then, nail industry has changed a lot. We have now added GEL Nail in addition to nail polish. Nail salons can provide not only the healthy nails, beautiful nail arts, but also motivation increase.

Nail Quick Group has more than 70 salons nationwide at convenient locations recently.

Among a lot of nail salons, our customers often say "Every Nail Quick is comfortable and provides the same services". We are very proud of our services and qualities, as well as our variety of nail menu including polite gel nail removal and water nail care.

We start to open the new WEB reservation system and WEB pages.

We will seek for the ideal nail salon which customers love and trust because of high quality and hospitality to meet each customer's need and we deal with three gel nails including our original gel nail, Nail Parfait Gel which avoids so-called gel allergy inducing ingredients such as acrylic acid, HEMA, and Isobornyl Acrylate. We train our staff members over 1 month even after their graduation of nail schools.

Our only assets are our staff members. We will build a great environment our staff members work happily and customers feel the happiest.

Naoko Doi Banno
CEO, NonStress Inc.
Nail Quick Group

President & CEO

Naoko Doi Banno (Founder)
ICU BA, Columbia MBA, and her earlier career included Fuji-TV reporter, Peat Marwick Consulting Consultant and the founder and president of Career Strategy Inc.

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